While today is a significant day in the lives of the Leaving Certificate class of 2012, it is important to keep this 'milestone' in perspective, says IVEA General Secretary Michael Moriarty.
'Ultimately, the Leaving Certificate is but one of several significant steps on the young person's journey through life and we all need to be mindful of this reality. It is not, as some would have us believe a make-or-break event. It is but a very early game in the long league of life and, whether young people are happy or unhappy with today's results, they will neither make nor break their lives.'

'More than anything else, young people need to get themselves into courses and careers that match their aptitudes to real job prospects because simply aiming for prestigious courses and careers can leave young people moored, when the job market changes, as is currently the case, or they find that they cannot cope with work that is not congenial to them.' 'They also need to develop constructive interests and healthy lifestyles - as these are the key to happiness and fulfilment. In this regard, young people generally could learn much from the extraordinary achievements of Katie Taylor and 15-year-old Joanne O'Riordan who, though born without limbs, recently delivered the keynote speech to the UN's International Telecommunication Union. Both of these young people have made the most of their talents and, in doing so, have overcome very serious challenges.

'Notwithstanding the current doom and gloom', says Mr Moriarty, 'the Leaving Certificate class of 2012 can look forward with optimism to the yet unimagined world of the 2020s and beyond'.

'In the 20th century our world survived two terrible wars and, in each case, rebuilt its infrastructure very rapidly. This time, no infrastructure has been destroyed and in a few short years, the economic graph will again swing upwards. The Leaving Certificate class of 2012 will enter the workforce as prosperity re-emerges and this is the message that they should be hearing from all of us this week'.


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