IVEA extends its best wishes to all commencing either the Leaving Certificate or Junior Certificate examinations this week.
'While the Leaving Certificate, in particular, is an important event in the life of a young person, it is important to keep the event in perspective' says IVEA Education Research Officer, Pat O'Mahony'.
'Ultimately, the Leaving Certificate is but one of many significant steps on the young person's journey through life and we all need to be mindful of this reality. While the Leaving Certificate is seen by many as a make or break event, this is not so and never has been. It is but a very early game in the long league of life and, however students do over the course of the next few weeks in the examination hall, will neither make nor break their lives.'
'The most important message for those sitting the Leaving Certificate is to remain calm, get appropriate rest and nourishment and simply do one's best. Those who care for these young people at this challenging time also need to remain calm, tolerant and supportive. Examination candidates, whether they show it or not, are inevitably feeling the pressure and adding to that pressure is counterproductive '
'Notwithstanding our current financial woes' said Mr O'Mahony, 'the Leaving Certificate class of 2012 can look forward with optimism to the yet unimagined world of the 2020s and beyond'.
'In the last century our world survived two terrible wars and, in each case, rebuilt its infrastructure very rapidly. This time, we have destroyed no infrastructure and, in a short few years, the economic graph will swing upwards again. The Leaving Certificate class of 2012 will enter the workforce as prosperity remerges and this is the message that they should be hearing from all of us this week'.


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